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About us

We are still an old-fashioned drugstore that still has inluis service and expertise to take the trouble to order something for you and willingness to stand alone have. Paramount your service
As you enter the shop with us you will see that we are a different kind of drug than others we serve you in a white coat. In our range we have brushes, powders, cleaning products, dishwashing brushes, sponges or modern cotton, starch powder, wax and marble wax. In addition, of course, missing medications, vitamins, homeopathy and normal drugstore items not.
The Hague we are the specialist for oral care we have advised by dentists and dental hygienists a very large collection of toothbrushes, brushes, floss, toothpaste from home or abroad.
We sell a very large collection of decorated napkins average we have 250 kinds of stock. Are you looking for beautiful or scented toilet paper we sell edet, page, lotus, P & D 30 motifs and Marks & Spencers.
Are you looking for the old-fashioned sizes candles Gouda big chance that you do find them here.
What is also special is that we have on products from abroad. For example, we Revlon Natural Honey Body Lotion, Old Spice, Air Sponge, Ritter Chocolate, Dettol products, Crest, Dentyl, Arm & Hammer, Marks & Spencers products, Johnson baby products,  Aeroxon Motte paper, Kleenex for Men, Mustela baby products and Flintoline just standard in the collection.
Customers sometimes say as van Mourik not have or can get then fail anywhere.
We can ship your order throughout the Netherlands and Europe.